If you have visited a modern skincare clinic recently for an exfoliating treatment, then they might have recommended you Dermaplaning. It’s the latest and undoubtedly one among the most effective ways to exfoliate the dull layers of the skin to reveal the smooth, shining skin beneath it.

Dermaplaning belongs to a class of modern and effective skincare technique that greatly helps in exfoliation as it involves removing the topmost layer of the skin on your face by the use of a surgical scalpel. The procedure removes the dead skin cells on top of the face to reveal the youthful skin underneath.

How does Dermaplaning work?!

Removing the top layer of the skin using a scalpel? Is that a good idea, more importantly, is it safe? The answer is YES! Dermaplaning is a more advanced version of shaving. The difference is that Dermaplaning is done by skincare professionals using medical grade instruments. Like shaving, Dermaplaning leaves out the lips, nose, and eyebrows.

Even though we mentioned that Dermaplaning is more like an advanced version of shaving, the only similarity that we have is that both use sharp blades for the process of removing hair from the face. while shaving can only remove fine hairs from your face, Dermaplaning is can help in both exfoliation and facial hair (or peach fuzz) removal.

First of all, the instrument used for shaving and Dermaplaning is different. While a sharp razor blade is used for shaving, Dermaplaning uses a surgical grade scalpel (commonly, Grade 10 blade), which is many times sharper than an ordinary razor.

When an aesthetician uses a scalpel, the strokes will have maximum contact with your skin, removing the dead skin layers and the fine hair on the top of the face in the process.

What Happens During Dermaplaning

During Dermaplaning, the surgical scalpel is moved along the surface of the skin at an angle. During this process, two things happen on the surface of your face.

  • The dead cell structures on the face get removed
  • Fine hair along the surface of the skin called vellus hair (peach fuzz), also get removed.

The removal of the dead skin using external equipment is called manual exfoliation. Since Dermaplaning requires a professional is at the helm, you can expect a clean job that covers all the areas of your face. Unlike the hair that is present on the eyebrows, Vellus hair doesn’t grow back thicker and darker.

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What Results Can I Expect From Dermaplaning

By removing the unresponsive top layer, your skin becomes more susceptible to treatments that are followed by Dermaplaning. This can range from skincare facials to a simple moisturization. By removing the dead skin, it opens up the tiny pores on present on the face. In essence, they let your face breathe! This helps the skin to soak up skin care products and also smoothens the face. The best part is that the results are instantly visible.

Peach fuzz removal is the other advantage to have with Dermaplaning. Peach fuzz removal shows visible results right away as it gives your faces that added clarity. Dermaplanning offers a painless procedure when compared to other hair removal processes like waxing or threading. If you are considering laser hair removal, it will take you multiple sessions, not to mention that it is not effective for grey or blonde hairs.

The changes made by Dermaplaning is not permanent, as a single procedure lasts up to 4 weeks.

Should you do it yourself?

Like we discussed, Dermaplannig is not to be confused with shaving. You can buy a shaving setup and shave your face without much worry because the housing of the shaving set is designed in a way that it only grazes your skin. However, scalpel has a far precise grip on your skin. Hence, its movement will not be smooth without moving the scalpel at an angle.

It is an arduous job to do this procedure by yourself, and a small mishap in your technique can result in a painful cut on your skin. Also, there is a prepping procedure that must be done before using the scalpel on your skin. This involves an antibacterial and smoothening cleanse that is aimed at helping the scalpel to move across the face with very low friction and keep the skin clean from bacterial infections.

Why take the risk when you can have a professional at your service! Alluring Touch Med Spa offers its clients with modern skincare treatments like Dermaplaning with expert beauticians and aestheticians. We use high quality Dermaplaning instruments and always check the skin type before performing any sort of beauty treatments.

At the end of the process, we apply moisturizers and SPF to the surface of the skin to rehydrate and protect it from the harmfull rays of the sun. Schedule an appointment or call us at (915) 304-0205 to know more!




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