Fillers for Lips: What Are Lip Fillers and Is It Good For Me?!

Fillers for lips have been getting a massive fan following for the past couple of years. Part of the reason why people gravitate towards lip fillers is because of the real-life examples like Kyle Jenner and Britney spears rocking lip filler and setting an example of how effective they can be at improving your outlook.

Lip fillers are undoubtedly effective at help bringing more presence to your face. This is because of the fact that eyes and lips are the two parts that gain the most looks for women. 

However, people do have their concerns over lip fillers and their overall effect on health and wellbeing. In this article, we will help you understand the specifics of lip fillers and their effects.

What Are Fillers For Lips Made Of?

Fillers for lips are mainly made from Hyaluronic Acid, also known as HA. This substance is naturally produced in our body in small amounts and is present at the connection tissues. Hyaluronic Acid provides the skin with its elasticity and strength. The reason why Hyaluronic Acid is preferred as lip filler is because of its ability to hold 1000 times more water in its own weight.

Hyaluronic acid is first bound in a gel carrier before it is injected into the skin. This substance is not reactive and does not affect the surrounding tissues. When Hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips, it absorbs water and creates that plump look. Due to its absorbent properties, Hyaluronic acid is also injected directly into the skin as dermal fillers to fill dips in the skin.

Nowadays, Hyaluronic acid is used in more than just fillers for lips. It is also used in various skincare products. There are even Hyaluronic acid-based products that are used to treat skin burns and ulcers.

Is Lips Filler Permanent?

No. Lip fillers are made of organic compounds that will be gradually be broken down by the body. Usually, the fillers are broken down completely in almost 6 to 8 months. The longevity of lip fillers is also dependant on your rate of metabolism. It is seen that the filler breaks down more quickly in lean individuals who tend to have higher rates of metabolism.

So lip fillers are far from permanent! You can also choose to dissolve them quickly by consulting the same cosmetician. They will inject an enzyme called hyaluronidase into the lips which will breakdown the acid filler almost instantly. This helps you to quickly get rid of the filler if you are not happy with the results.

One other thing that you should keep in mind is that the type of product that you use also plays a large role in determining the filler life. Some of the most popular brands that make lip fillers are;

  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Teosyal Kiss
  • Volbella etc

At Alluring Touch Med Spa, we only use the best brands for our customers. Juvederm is our go-to brand when it comes to lip fillers as it stands as the gold standard in filler for lips.

Procedure For Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are one of the quickest cosmetical treatments that give you instant results. The whole procedure is going to take at most 20 minutes.

Normally, when you book an appointment, they will talk to you one on one about your requirements. Here you must tell them what you are specifically seeking from a lip filler procedure. They will also inquire about any existing medical conditions which help them to figure out if the injection would cause any allergic reactions or side effects.

The actual procedure is quite simple as the nurse will inject the filler into the lips slowly, ensuring an even spread by rubbing the lips after the injection. You can choose to apply numbing cream on your lips if you cannot bear the pain. The filler then travels across the lips giving your that plump look and feel.

The results are visible straight away with some minor bruises or swelling. The swelling and bruises will go away in a few days’ time and you will be left with perfect looking lips!

How much lip filler is too much lip filler?!

We have seen perfectly pouty lips and people who take it overboard, resulting in what’s called a “duck face”.

The best way to be in the safe is by injecting a very normal amount of filler and then evaluating the results. If you think that you need to have more volume, you can always go for a top-up treatment where small amounts of filler will be added in a step by step manner.

In fact, most professionals advise getting lip fillers in stages. This way, your lips will have time to adjust to the filler and you can have a great degree of freedom in the type of look you want.

In most cases, they will advise you about how much filler you should get. As we discussed, you can always get top-ups if you feel like you need more volume to your lips.

The Importance of Experienced Hands

When looking to get fillers for lips, your top priority should be about getting the service of a reputed clinic. If you have got this right, then everything else becomes easy. The reason why we stress on this point is that an experienced aesthetician helps you understand the procedure in much greater detail.

Also, they will be able to know how much lip filler will be the best for you and the right areas to target.

We would advise you to not get filler from a clinic purely based on cost. Good brands and experienced hands certainly do cost more, but the results are worth your investment. Also reputed clinic will provide the reversal procedure for free if you didn’t like how the treatment turned out.


Alluring Touch Med Spa provides top tier cosmetic treatment to clients in El Paso, Texas. Our clinic is  equipped with the latest and best in cosmetics and wellness treatments. With us, you can be sure of attaining results you have in mind. We only use FDA approved fillers and chemicals sourced from leading brands. Visit us or call us to know how you can get the best, always!

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