Med Spa in a single definition is the only skincare and wellness center that you will ever need to feel good, and look good! With comprehensive skin care treatments, out treatments can give your skin the glow and nourishment it needs.

Looking good doesn’t just affect us physically, but also mentally. This is the reason why our self-esteem takes a hit when we are not sure about our physical appearance. The amount of people using cosmetic enhancers has risen exponentially over the years. However, beauty is delicate, just any cosmetic product or treatment can do more harm than good.

The Alluring Touch Med Spa is a wellness and beauty center that put your health first when it comes to enhancing your visual appearance. Our team of experts is well versed in the field of dermatology and cosmetology. We understand that every client is different skin types and facial structures, hence, different requirements. So instead of a “one solution fits all” mantra, we follow “personalization” so that each of our clients gets the best possible service.

Med Spa – You Skincare and Wellness Expert!

Through the busy schedules that we go by each day, we often forget about the care and nourishment our skin needs. It is true the what we eat reflects on our skin, but nowadays, we forget to factor in pollution which causes volatile elements to directly interact with our skin. Without proper care, pollution can increase aging and cause irregularities in both surface smoothness and color. At med Spa, we provide modern solutions that help you rejuvenate your skin without the side effects.

The Med Spa beauty care encompasses a wide range of aesthetic services that are targeted towards facial features from eye laches to the succulent skin. We use products that are rated safe for use by the U.S government. In essence, we do not cut any corners when it comes to giving you the best possible service.

The human face carries a certain symmetry that contributes a lot to its beauty. By tweaking certain aspects of this symmetry, a professional aesthetician can add a lot of positive presence of the face. The emphasis here is on the skill of the aesthetician. With med Spa, you can expect premium services from qualified aestheticians who are skilled at sculpting the facial contours.

We provide an environment where you can truly relax because any treatment performed on the skin only takes full effect when it can easily interact the different layers of the skin. We use rejuvenation massages which effectively increase the blood circulation underneath the skin, which also helps in lymphatic drainage. The treatment only starts when your skin is ready to soak in the rejuvenating applicants that are applied on the skin.

Our Vision

To become the prime choice for customers who are looking the best skincare and wellness center in Texas. We aim to build a brand that puts the customer first, ensuring that we adhere to the best business practices throughout our journey. Skincare is an ever-evolving field that brings in advancements from both nature and science. Med Spa aims to harmonize the two spheres and provide our services in a holistic way that customers can relate to in the long run.

Our Mission

To advance with the world of skincare by providing top-notch services to our clientele. Our mission also factors in the human element when it comes to how we conduct business. We stay true to this ethic by providing our clients with quality skincare treatments that are approved by the highest of government standards. We want our customers to recognize us as a brand that they can depend on, and we work towards this goal by providing them with tangible results in terms of their health, beauty, and wellbeing.

What Makes Med Spa Different?

what makes Med Spa truly different is you! Yes, as much as we love to go on about our prowess in dermatology and wellness, we actually love listening to you, our clients. Nobody knows how their skin behaves except themselves and at Med Spa, skincare starts with you detailing your concerns and goals regarding your skin. Then we tailor the skincare procedure drawing suggestion from your input in conjunction with our observations. We also recommend certain procedures and tips so that you can have better results.

We use industry leading skincare products from Juvéderm® and SkinCeuticals among other leading brands in our treatments. Unlike the competition, we provide long term solution for our clients instead of high-risk instant results. We use our expertise to mitigate risks to an absolute minimum.

Great looking skin is a major part of feeling amazing about yourself, and we want to provide you just that when you walk out the doors of Med Spa.

Get yourself the best skincare and wellness treatment from trusted doctors. Call us at (915) 304-0205 or visit Med Spa today to know more about out skincare, wellness, and anti-aging regimes.




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