People like to associate wrinkles to aging the moment they appear, even declaring that it is inevitable and one cannot do anything about it! We have come a long way in dermal treatment and the misconception that “wrinkles are permanent” is frankly irrelevant in 2019 and beyond.

Looking good has a very big impact on our psychology. Realizing that you have wrinkles when you look in the mirror can suddenly make you overly self-conscious. Soon you will find yourself evading conversations and gatherings. But did you know that it shouldn’t be that way and you CAN do something about it?

We have a list of safe Wrinkle treatments that will help you gain back that silky smooth skin within no time!

1)   Botox Treatment

It’s easy for people to judge something that they know, and we all tend to do that often. Sadly, Botox has been criticized a lot saying that it doesn’t give you the results that you are looking. But they are missing one important factor, how good was the dermatologist?

In the hands of an expert, Botox works wonders. Basically, wrinkles appear when you overwork the muscles on your face. With Botox, you relax these muscles, making them move less vigorously and smoothening skin in the process.

Botox is also highly effective against:

  • Muscle spasms experienced on the face
  • Chronic migraine
  • Excessive sweating
  • Crossed eyes

If you think that Botox is permanent, again, you are wrong. The effects will wear off in three months and you can choose not to do it again, or go for another Botox session if you love the results. The doctors even state that the more often you do it, the less you’ll need it! Say goodbye to those wrinkles and never let your confidence take a hit! try Botox and see the amazing results for yourself!

The major thing here is that you should always consult a reputed treatment provider. 

2)   Retinols

Retinols are Vitamin A based derivatives that are used to treat wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. They were introduced to the market as the best solution to fight acne but people soon realized their potential in keeping the skin wrinkle-free. They provide the desired results and are completely painless.

Retinols work by keeping the collagen breakdown of the skin to a minimum. Wrinkles can also be caused by the collagen amount in your skin lowering beyond a certain point. Retinols work by causing the top layer of the skin to die at a faster rate, prompting the body to produce more cells underneath, bringing in fresh and thicker layers of skin. A misconception that people have about Retinols is that they would make the skin thinner, but this is not true, and the contrary occurs – thicker layer of skin with less wrinkles and lines.

Retinols are also highly effective in:

  • Brightening skin tone
  • Treating acne
  • Treating blackspots
  • Removing debris and free radicals from skin surface.

 In addition to preserving the existing collagen level, Retinols also have an effect on the skin that promotes additional collagen production, a great way to prevent lines or wrinkles from forming in the future.

3)   Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels also work in the same line as Retinols as they both peel off the thin top layer of the skin, revealing fresh skin underneath, prompting the generation of new skin cells underneath; not to mention that they are also completely painless. Chemical Peel does a great job at removing or lessening the wrinkles on your face based on how deep the wrinkles are.

They are also a viable solution to ache, dark spots and a variety of skin blemishes. The actual chemical peel is a basically a mild acid and the potency of this acid can be adjusted based on the skin type and the results that the customer is looking for! “The potent they are, the effective they will be” route is not true for chemical peels. 

Chemical Peel are also highly effective in:

  • Treating Ache
  • Reducing mild scars
  • Treating freckles, age spots and dark patches
  • Evening out skin tone

Ask your skin care specialist or dermatologist to find the perfect combination for the peel that suits your skin type and requirements.

4)   Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found in several key areas of the human body, especially joints, skin and the eyes. They have amazing water retention properties and have a memory foam type structure, making sure that they holds their shape and don’t dilute easily. The icing on the top is that they deliver similar results as costly skin treatments for a fraction of the price!

When injected into the skin, they pick up volume and makes the skin full and hydrated. They remove fine lines and wrinkles from the skin and is one among the go-to fillers for lip enhancement. Hyaluronic acid that are used for skin treatments are sourced naturally from micro-organisms.

Hyaluronic acid treatment is also used for:

  • Facial augmentation
  • Skin hydration
  • Volume enhancement
  • Filling up scars

Like all other entries on the list, Hyaluronic Acid treatment isn’t permanent, saving you from the fear of not liking the procedure and have to live with it. The duration of the effect will depend on the type of Hyaluronic treatment that you use. Some will maintain results in the range of 6 months while some may even last for 24 months.

Look better, feel better – We have got you covered!

We discussed how looking good has a positive impact on your overall confidence and social outlook. If wrinkles have begun to appear, you can use any of the listed treatments for wrinkles and they are sure to give you the best results.

With any skincare treatment, especially on sensitive parts like the face, comes a disclaimer – only accept treatment from reputed brands or practitioners. Alluring Touch Med Spa provides you will top-tier beauty treatments performed by experienced dermatologists. Our experts will evaluate your skin type and health conditions before going forward with a treatment plan. Visit our website or head over to our clinic, we will help you with the best beauty treatments that best suits you!

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